Paintings by Central Maine artist Arlene Kelley

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Little Long Pond


The Kennebec at Gardiner


Sunset at Jacob Buck Pond

Morning at Camp Ellis

Morning at Lily Bay

Ari Looks Forward

Henry Looks Forward

At Great Moose Lake

Buddy’s Winter World

Damariscotta Lake

Hiking at Bradbury Mountain

Forest Pool

Autumn in Gardiner

“I have always loved to draw and paint, since childhood.

I have learned that it is not just the work you produce, being an artist is the way you see the world and respond to it. I see beauty everywhere, the world is a beautiful place. Especially here in Central Maine, with the Kennebec River and so much natural beauty. The paintings that I make come from an inner drive to express what I see. If I can share a small part of the beauty that I experience with others, and they see what I fell in love with in that image, to me that means something. “

Paintings by Arlene Kelley

Kennebec River at Randolph

Huston Brook Falls

Kennebec River

Castle Island

Willow at Katahdin

Oona at Katahdin

Nala in Whitefield

Ephemeral Poppy


Tree Peonies

Casey and Tim’s Apples


That Red Flower



At Five Islands

At Reid State Park

Moose Watching at Baxter

Red Barn in Waldoboro

At Dodge Point